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Designer Hand Stitched handbags, A woman’s contemporary style choice

“It feels like the world is stuck for her if her hand doesn’t feel it. She feels no one is walking with her if it is not hanging on from her shoulder and tapping her back. A perfect partner for her, cuddling at her waist, holding her secrets, carrying all the care she needs, it’s […]

“Corporate Gifting” Strengthens Cross-Culture Bonding in MNCs

A new culture is always exciting. When a friend, a colleague or a neighbor celebrates his ethnicity on any special occasion, of course, we as human species are curious! They invite, share and we accept, learn, enjoy. This is how we bond. The cross-culture bonding! Multi-National Companies are a great opportunity for cross-culture environments. While […]

Keep this Winter on With the Warmth of Diyas

Diwali season every year is bringing in new things to your life. A new winter, a new light, a new Diya! We decorate to look the brightest until Karthik Purnima. It’s just the festival of lights end for the year, but not the winter, not the happiness, and then why stop lightening. You can still […]

Challenges of Artisans in this Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, almost all industries stand stuck. One such industry that is worst stuck by the pandemic is the Indian Handicraft and Handloom sector. These are testing times for the craftsmen and weavers. It goes beyond the fear of a possible mortal disease for them. The biggest fear is the […]

Why Indians Give Return Gifts?

Giving Return Gifts is an integral part of Indian tradition. No celebration or function in India is considered complete without giving return gifts to the guests. Do you know how this tradition started and what is the significance? Ancient Indian scriptures teach that we should see God in the guests who visit us – Atithi […]

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