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“Corporate Gifting” Strengthens Cross-Culture Bonding in MNCs

A new culture is always exciting. When a friend, a colleague or a neighbor celebrates his ethnicity on any special occasion, of course, we as human species are curious! They invite, share and we accept, learn, enjoy. This is how we bond. The cross-culture bonding!

Multi-National Companies are a great opportunity for cross-culture environments. While the world is being globalised we have our friends and family working together with people from different cultures, countries and ethnicity. MNCs mark it as an important factor in designing their work cultures.

As a matter of fact, cross-culture training has been part of corporate training for few globalised firms. When companies try to penetrate into new markets beyond horizons, they obtain substantial resources to train employees about the new market culture, communication challenges.

Beyond the training inside a four-wall room, it is a gentle gesture on the floor that strengthens the bond between two very new beings. A simple good morning, a cup of coffee together, successful teamwork, pot luck lunch will definitely add value to the bonding and to the work. This warmly gestures needs to be appreciated! Hence, gifting.

Gifting can play an essential role in shaping the work culture and managerial work roles. Gifting can help strengthen the bonding between colleagues and open opportunities for hassle-free communication. Gifting can also bring in cultural acceptance, understanding and sensitivity. It can be an excellent icebreaker to fix the cross-cultural communication challenges like language differences, power distance, non-verbal distances, push relations beyond racial, geographical and ethnicity differences.

 Gifting can be for :
• As a token of appreciation
• Welcoming a new member to the team
• Wishing good luck for the upcoming endeavour
• Appreciation for an achievement
• Accepting  a new culture
• Bringing in togetherness
• Celebrating together
• Help in making communication easy
• Clear misconceptions on habits of other cultures
• Adds stress-free relationships
• Adds unity to the team
• To appreciate counterparts on their efforts
• Identifying happy clients

The culture of corporate gifting has become one of the essentials and is treated as a value add activity. Not just Thanksgiving and Halloween, but many other occasions are celebrated by the corporates, gifting their employees and their families too. New year, Christmas, Diwali are most gifting times for many MNCs.

Indian gift articles have a unique image across the globe; Creative, artistic, traditional. Be it any occasion return gifts are always precious. Marble iconic gifts, designer articles on the work tables, home decor items, brass return gifts, lunch boxes to water bottles, beautifully designed metal ship models, meenakari key hangers, dry fruit boxes of different shapes and sizes, musical divine articles, decorative photo frames, designer zari work items, beautiful candle lights, Diyas; all these are a good choice for corporate gifting.

Indian gifting culture has been known for its artisans and hand made craft. Many MNCs are also supporting these artisans under corporate social responsibility activities through buying articles from them. Corporate gifting is changing the lives of artisans by creating publicity and business for them across the globe.

The corporate gifting season is up and the new year is coming. Come up with a list of what best you can gift your work family. Check out those beautiful artisans and hand made works. Gift the best, share the happiness around. Remember it is just that a small gesture of gifting can bring a happy world together!!

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