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Keep this Winter on With the Warmth of Diyas

Diwali season every year is bringing in new things to your life. A new winter, a new light, a new Diya! We decorate to look the brightest until Karthik Purnima. It’s just the festival of lights end for the year, but not the winter, not the happiness, and then why stop lightening.

You can still celebrate lightening Diyas. Lights can be used to keep the blooming spirits up at your home. Not only a little warmth it gives but also it helps in keeping pleasant moods, fragrances and that soothing experience. All that you need to know is what kind of Diyas and lights you should choose.

Here we come with types of Diya, T-bulbs and diffusers which keeps your Diwali going on.

T- Lights

T-lights are these cute little ones which are not more 35 mm in diameter and 16 mm in height. Filled with candle wax and wick attached to the metal or plastic cup, they are sold with a very wide variety of shapes, decorative articles, fragrances and colours.

T-Lights as a decor choice are available in beautiful models like Peacock T-light, Butterfly hanging T-Light holder, Crystal FlowerT-Lights, Dangling Pendant T-light. Flower design T-Lights and many more.

These can be the best choice for a long time use as they can be refilled with liquid candle wax, you can also add fragrances, colours to it. Just to Beautify.

Brass made Diyas

Similar to T-lights Brass Diyas stand for quality and give the look and feel of that traditional sanctity. They stand for peace and harmony. They can be the best choice for even return gifts as well. Some of these shiny Diyas come with god idols and a perfume stick holder.

These divine lighting Diyas with Jaali pattern add beauty to the darkness around, they are generally called shadow light Diyas. Few models also come with a two side open glass jar. A few models can also be accommodated with T-Light candles.

Timely cleaning of these Brass Diyas to keep the shine always helps to beautify your space.

Add your creativity, add a flavour of your choice, colour and design used Diyas. These can be one good pack of home decor. Paint with red, blue, green, add shiny textures. Just make them look classy and elegant. Hang them on the walls, place them with add ons like painted stones, in glass jars, just let your creativity flow.

Fancy Diyas, T-Lights and diffuser lights can also be wonderful return gifts for occasions like housewarming, marriages and any other traditional event. Finally, Its just that let us keep beautifying the little warmth of these lights, keep celebrating and brightening our spaces.

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