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Gifting a home garden kit is ideal as more people would prefer it. Changing trends with Covid and lockdown.

Home gardening has been on a rise for quite some time now, infact Covid-19’s effect has snowballed the desire of indoor gardening within many households. These days we’ve resorted to spending most of our time indoors to combat the spread of Covid. All this extra idle time is a great excuse for people at home to find a new hobby. Previously you might have thought that materialistic things such as dresses, bags or perfume were a well thought out gift, however at a time like this, a compact gardening kit is ideal for anyone. These kits are perfect for apartment living or for people faced with a limited space to grow.

Benefits of Indoor Gardening

There are multiple advantages that come with growing your own produce, many of which will appeal to you.

  1.  Grow fresh fruits and vegetables​- Leave behind the hassle of going to the market to buy chemically grown eatables. Instead grow your own variety of fresh and organic crops which can be used for your daily cooking. Enjoy clean and healthy homegrown plants packed with vital nutrients and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits used regularly in cooking such as; tomatoes, potatoes, okra/bhindi, onions, bell peppers and even eggplants can be grown in the comfort of your home.
  2. Decoration​- Decorating your home with plants is a great source of aesthetic. Placing flowering plants adds an element of beauty and life, as well as complements the room. Adding indoor plants supplies the rooms they’re in with fresh oxygen, cleanses the air and is the easiest way to integrate nature within. Besides decorating your abode, another advantage is to adorn your hair with fresh smelling flowers like jasmine.
  3. Stress Relief​- Spending time with nature is one of the best methods of relaxation. Plants will greatly improve your well being and can lead to calmer and more productive days. Focusing your energy on taking responsibility for plants will provide you with clarity, structure and a set goal.
  4. Family Activity​- Some prefer gardening to be a solo activity. However if you’re looking to create some family bonding time, this is a brilliant opportunity to unite your loved ones by doing some planting together. This fun activity can help educate kids on where their food is coming from, and let them be more productive by getting their hands dirty.
  5. Grow your own spices​- A staple in every Indian kitchen is a spice cabinet. Indian food is enriched with a multitude of spices and flavours. Spices and herbs commonly used such as; cumin, coriander, fennel, mustard and garlic can be grown within your balcony. Even if these herbs cannot be used right away, they can be dried and used overtime.

What’s in an indoor gardening kit?

These organic kits can be used to kickstart your gardening regime. You can start your process from seeds or starter plants. They take up little space and can be placed within your balcony or any small nook. They are also easy to set up and maintain. The kits will come with a potting mix, a bio fertilizer, seeds and felt grow bags. These felt grow bags are versatile and much better than pots. This is because they create healthier plant roots by promoting proper root growth and air pruning. As these bags are permeable and breathable they minimize the risk of over watering and overheating in comparison to plastic pots.

Overall, investing in a home gardening kit, or gifting it to someone is a valuable and thoughtful product that will prove to be very beneficial and economical. These small gardens can thrive if given the proper attention and care needed. You will be able to have a peace of mind knowing exactly what your family is consuming and what is being brought to the dining table every meal.

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